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A really amazing girl. She is intelligent, sincere, talented, outgoing and charismatic. A really lucky person. She is a crazy flirt who can't help herself. But she is unique. She is beautiful, from inside and from outside. She loves her friends. She's independent, but yet she depends on her family a lot. She always lives in the moment, that's why everyone wants to be around her. She can make the most boring situation into one of the best, happiest moments of your life, filled with inside jokes and hyperness. She is sophisticated, a bit serious and chill sometimes. She's definately someone you would all want to get with or get to know. Very picky but when she finds something she wants, she is persistent. She is one of the mosts perfect women you'll ever meet.
A very good example would be the Emirati singer Ahlam Al Shamsi, who is often associated with the terms "beauty", "intelligence" and "talent".

Her name means "dream" in arabic. That's why she's like a dream come true.
Guy 1: Look that stunning girl over there!

Guy 2: Who? Ahlam? What about her?

Guy 1: OMG! Her name is Ahlam?

Guy 2: Yeah, like the famous singer Ahlam Al Shamsi!

Guy 1: She's even prettier than the singer...
by thisisqwerty November 24, 2013
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A beautiful Dream you never want to wake up from.Someone who’s sweet with a hint of spice.
I am so happy , I had the best ahlam ever!! She’s that ahlam type.
by OAKTWNYEMENIS June 07, 2018
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