A noble surname from the French realm. Many Knights and Lords eminaring from the royals of France, Scotland and England have been born of this surname. Also names one of the baddest urban legends of all. The notorious Master-Agee. A legend of street fighting and Martial Arts. Denotes a woman who is extremely beautiful and doesn't age. She is instead an Agee
That girl is an Agee. She is always beautiful and protected by great men of honor. beautiful honorable
by Ze1dude February 24, 2015
A guyanese/carribbean term for you grandmother upon ya fathers side
Donald=Wass up man
Oscar=nm just been to see agee
by Tom algroy April 16, 2018
A sophisticated black male who has a long ass dick and has a body of a bodybuilder.
Yoooo you seen Floyd Mayweather dick he an Agee.
by The Geinus December 29, 2020
Being right about a specific topic
Thumbs up means Ageeing now.”
by Ahahehahehwhd July 8, 2021
A sound a retard makes when they want to express an emotion too complicated for their limited vocabulary
man i went past room 302, class 11Y those fuckin retards were pounding their chests going "AGEE!"

after visiting ARC industries i knew the true meaning of "AGEE". there are so many retards there.

i gave a chick with down syndrome the angry dragon and she replied with "AGEE"

by Miker,Fairf October 22, 2007
A sophisticated ass black African American with a long ass dick That has a body of a bodybuilder.
Yoooo you saw that nigga dick he an Agee.
by The Geinus December 29, 2020