something to express a feeling or action opposite of the rules or allowed norms. very siply put, revolt.
mostly used as "grow against the grain"
-The college system is so wrong students are growing against the grain.

i know shes my sister but i cant stop thinking of how good she looks, my thoughts are against the grain.
by Ad!X December 12, 2008
Against the normal ways. Rebellious, revolutionary.
NOT wearing name brand clothes, and sporting platinum like you were trying to imitate 50 cents' rims.
by Wapanese_Killer March 7, 2004
Mastubatory term describing an action to heighten pleasure
to masturbate "back hand" therfore against the grain of the natural direction of shaft
by Jim April 2, 2005
when you make life more difficult by acting against the wishes of others.
“So you just gon’ go against the grain and just go against everything that I just… I just told y’all not to ask me that shit when I got up in here.” -August Alsina
by Niquey June 27, 2014
Doing the opposite of what is requested
Man, I ask you to wear jeans, here you come in a suit, you always going against the grain!
by Isaid it November 28, 2017
To do something that can be deemed as not the social norm
‘Life is all about going against the grain
‘I really went against the grain yesterday’
by Andrew tate July 26, 2022