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A defecatory condition whereby the subject, after just previously taking a rampant and usually excessively volatile and suspiciously aqueous shit, is compelled to perform a re-shit moments later with very little prior warning.
'Jake, watch my beer I gotta go to the shitter'
'Radek, you just went like 5 minutes ago'
'No Jake, I got The Aftershits'
'Dude, is it because of the bape?'
'Yes Jake, I got baped hard.'
'That sucks.'
by Trace Element August 16, 2005
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The feeling of Taking a shit when just finished taking a shit.
Dude #1: Walks out of the bathroom

(Phroom, Dude # 2 rushes to the bathroom and locks himself up)

Dude #2: Aftershit!

Dude#1: Oh, okay.
I understand
by Theunknown man October 18, 2008
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When you take a seriously hard shit and can feel the rumbles of it still in your colon
Ugh, I'm gonna get a serious aftershit after this shit.
by Slappdat September 19, 2016
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An after-shit is an uncommon phenomenon which occurs after taking a normal shit. Usually, minutes after completing your first dump, you unexpectedly shit again. Whether or not you are on the can is inconsequential.
John thought he was done in the bathroom, but one change of pants later, he learned to respect the dreaded after-shit.
by Oaff January 13, 2012
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The term used to explain the smell of the bathroom when you walk in after someone has taken a shit....
I walked into the bathroom and smelled my moms aftershit...
by Kamo28 January 23, 2018
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After you shit and get a good clean ass. an hour later you notice some after shit in your ass.
It seem like every time I shit...I have to wipe my ass again an hour later because of After Shits
by Slick Witmore May 09, 2018
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After-shit is piss, toilet water, or any other bodily fluids that either splash up onto your butthole or the even more disgusting, that you sit on when having a Shit baby or accidentally sitting on a toilet seat after some other ass hat had a Shit baby and didn't clean it up.
Ryan: "SHIT!"
Kevin, in another stall: "Ryan?"
Ryan: "I just sat down without looking first and now there's After-shit all over my ass."
Kevin: "Ryan what the fuck have I told you. TMI."
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by monkey with a type-writer June 05, 2018
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