Noun: a methodology of fixing or manufacturing something through unconventional means using only the (usually improper) tools and resources at hand. Also known as Ghetto rigging, nig rigging, jurry rigging, and ghettorisation. This particular variation was most likely inspired by the telivision program "Sanford and Son"
To get my car to start I had to use some duct tape and apply some afro engineering.

"Hey I made this hooka out of an old coffee can and some crap I found lying around in my house"
"Thats some real afro engineering you got going right there"
by Oni Ookami Alfador September 18, 2006
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To put something together in a makeshift fashion.

See also: nigger rig and jerry rig
I managed to afro engineer that broken plane wing with a roll of duct tape.
by Timmah December 26, 2003
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A somewhat more polite way of saying nigger rig.
I couldn't afford to patch the wall, so we had to afro-engineer it with Duck Tape and white out.
by Logan G March 22, 2006
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the politcally correct term for nigger rig, to fix something in a nigger like fashion. Example: Duct tape or mis-matched parts
You look like a real afro engineer with all that duct tape on your car.
by Andrew Jonstonian April 11, 2008
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Something Done Half-Assed Or Something Done So That It Works But Looks Fucked Up

See Also: jimmy rigged,nigger rigging,and nigger rig
Dude 1: Where did you learn to hook up a radio from?
Dude 2: I got a Degree In Afro Engineering.
Dude 1: It Shows.
by Masta Dragon Red November 19, 2004
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The politically correct version of "nigger rigged". To do a poor job fixing an item, usually with sub-par materials.
Tyrone's bumper fell of his car so he afro-engineered it by super gluing it back on.
by Mighty Whitey August 8, 2003
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The science of half-assing small repair jobs.

When used in isolation sometimes referred to as a nigger rig.

When an individual believes his way of repairing is the best way, yet his repair will certainly fails within weeks due to the quality and use of improper equipment.
My dad has a degree in afro-engineering. Look at all the repairs he never actually fixed.
by barney_phife September 25, 2009
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