A term used for those of Dutch, French Huguenot, German Protestant (& others) descent who speak Afrikaans living in Southern Africa: The Republic of South Africa, Botswana & Namibia. The ancestors of Afrikaners arrived in the Cape begining in 1652 & are divided between those in the Cape & those of Voortrekker descent.
He spoke Afrikaans & was native to South Africa considering himself much more African than European hence he must be an Afrikaner.
by Ron Palmer. November 12, 2003
Is a female rapper from Philadelphia who also made the film Honeybun, Hotsauce.
Yes, Afrikan jawn has done it again.
by Jojobafat July 26, 2020
A braindead Afrikaner is an Afrikaner who has a very low IQ, probably calls black people nogs, believes that Orania is retarded, and believes that a South African Civil War is coming, an therefore spends all of his spare rands on canned biltong. Synonyms include Kaaplander and braindead Boer.
Horne: Did you see the YouTube channel of this Kaaplander individual, he seems quite unintelligent.
Smith: I have seen his channel, and I believe that he is a braindead Afrikaner.
by HandleBrake12 July 3, 2020
Typically a married man who abuses his wife and children yet he believes himself to be very pious. Physical and emotional abuse, very often, sodomising his daughters.
This guy is a BAB Boere Afrikaner Blixem, ill treating his wife, belittling her, and look at his daughter's eyes, she hates him
by ZACSacks August 25, 2019