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Simple, "Afraz" is an adjective that can be used in front of almost any word to make it seem cooler, fresher and more hip. Typically used by gorgeous people, "Afraz" has numerous variations and should only be used with caution as the mere sound of the word will attract every good looking female in the room.
GUY1:Dude, did you see that guy survive that ridiculous explosion, the 3 GORGEOUS models that raped him, the Cristal bottle he chugged in 2 minutes, the 9 shots of heroin he took and that piano that fell on him..??
GUY2:He's Afraz for sure.

MAN: Want to come have an Afraz time in bed tonight?

GUY: Yo, what's your name?
GIRL: Pfffft, your game is whack.
GIRL: Let's get a room right now.
by therealfraz May 14, 2010
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