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A chill, friendly guy who instantly connects with others with great humour and manly confidence. Naturally good-looking and has an open heart which lets you feel like you've known him for a long time like a good friend. Most importantly, respectful of other's situations and will not push boundaries when he senses it might be the wrong time. So confident that he can make self-deprecating humorous remarks and feel good about it. Totally someone you would want to hang with and want as your bro. Probably has a large penis.
That dude Ayaz, man was he ever cool to work with hey?
by CarGuy November 02, 2012
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Ayaz=Servant of a famous Turkish King,who was very much liked by Him,treated him as his son,so much so that those around the King and Ayaz were very much jealous of Ayaz.A name that brings all the haters.
I hate Ayaz.
im jealous of Ayaz but don't tel him plotting.
by FazCan March 09, 2011
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starts with A and ends with Z just like somethin which i call life in my dictionary; someone who belongs to MAHA; can also be referred to as taken; blessing
Ayaz,Im so happy to be a part you, you make my life complete.

This is Ayaz... my AYAZ... and you have no right to take it away from me.

by Maha July 23, 2003
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A complete cunt, gets laid in Roblox with a hoe and wants to sell his paintings. He also has a thing for ela and iq from rainbow six seige. Skinny AF and obsessed with RGB
You're an Ayaz
by legitmrbean March 02, 2018
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A very nice and friendly person who does not show his feelings to girls because of his small dick. He tends to work a lot but is not efficient at all, even by trying again and again. Most often he does not show his real self.
Paul : Hey Dan, have you seen what Ayaz did yesterday?? He came up with at least 3 girls in Tropicana !!

Daniel : I think you mixed him up with someone else... He's not that into approaching girls !
by julius_92 November 30, 2010
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Meaning 1: A word to refer to someone who acts below normal mental ability.
Used as a light insult to imply stupidity.
Used to provide comic relief to a person.
Meaning 2: To walk in a direction other than perpendicular or horizontal; walk diagonally (e.g 4)
eg 1. dekh uss "ayaz" ko itna bhi nahi aata!
eg 2. kya ayaz sa ban raha hai?
eg 3. hatt ayaz!
eg 4. kya bharwa giri hai gandoo, kia gand mein lun gaya hua hai jo ayaz ki tarah chal raha hai!

by L khan February 24, 2008
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A street term used my members or affiliates with a gang which is said to close friends as a way to let them know that you have a female that would be willing to sexually afilliate with them for free. It is also used as a way to say "Fuck you n*****".
Ay yo ma. Ayaz if you're interested.
by Jeremy Kart November 06, 2017
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