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A beautiful girl with and amazing personality, loves sweets and is extremely crazy but in the best way. She is a great big sister and loves making people laugh, she is also smart, cute and always happy. When it comes to meeting new people she is very shy, and not really herself until she really gets to know the person. She gets a lot of attention, but she doesn't even realize it, which is something amazing about her. She's innocent and always seems happy, she's honest and very loyal, which people love about her. She's easy to get along with, and a smiley person. Her friendship is like treasure, very special trust to have and you should treat it like diamonds and never let her go.
by jessismyname January 24, 2019
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an absolutaley beautiful girl inside and out. her personality is amazing and she gives the best advise ever. she is always smiling and never gets into bad drama. shes the best role model anyone could ever ask for. and most of all, shes the best big sister ever
by the exact truth giver August 13, 2009
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A lonely ass bitch who has nothing to do except for make definitions of other people’s names and is too afraid too admit that she likes Gurshaan. She also calls Tory Lanez, Tory Lanzzz.
Shit that’s an Afia, run
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