Afar - used in southern dialect; meaning - n. a fire;
ex. - " What are you building? " " Afar "
by theDunson March 22, 2021
When somebody's mother looks good from a far distance, top-notch MILF quality, but on closer inspection isn't as hot as previously thought, but you would still not kick this mother out of bed.
Jackie's mom looks good "from afar". Wish I could always see her from that distance
by Dwill February 9, 2007
Refers to where, after you sneeze loudly, someone located a long distance from you smilingly calls, "Bless you!"
Upon exiting a middle-aged friend's dusty workshop after visiting with him for a while, I let out a humongous, "Vwah-FWHOOF!", complete with an exaggerated "blasted off my feet from the explosion" high-jump. Another pleasant-natured dude who was mowing his lawn on the adjoining property cheerfully responded, "Bless you!", even though he was more than a hundred feet away. A small and "casual" gesture, to be sure, but I never forgot it --- there's just something special and memorable about blessings from afar.
by QuacksO September 25, 2019
1. Jamar comes from afar
2. Ala akbar
3. Something u say when u come from afar
i ran 3 k to beat someone in a race. when i did i yelled My name is jamar i come from afar.
by De Ezn Uts February 17, 2022