Adriaan is a universal word used to describe many actions and feelings:

1. Fun

2. Funny

3. Odd

4. Cute

5. Smart

The list is endless really but mainly the word is used to describe goods feelings....
Example: Today I woke up feeling Adriaan. This could have two meanings.

1. You actually woke up and felt Adriaan OR
2. You woke up feeling great.....!!!!!!
by rambored June 5, 2009
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A jerk mainly loves wearing speeds.

Loves girls typically a romantic guy
Tries to makes his friends feel loved and cared for
Guy 1: why does Adriaan get all the girls?
Guy 2:because,he treats everyone with respect.
by Bluestar408 December 18, 2017
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Adriaan has the biggest cock in existence. Adriaans cock is inches off of the ground even though he is almost two meters tall. Adriaan has mighty cock power that is used to destroy his enemies and remove fagget faced fucks from the face of the earth.
My gay friend was saved when he met Adriaan.
by Realape20 November 23, 2021
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A savage that cares about no body but his money and his friends he loves expensive cars and other expensive stuff. he is so strong and powerful
guy1: damn that guys tough
guy2: ya I wanna get to know him.
guy3: watch out hes an Adriaan
by the bling boss December 6, 2017
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You might think it is spelt "Adrian" but you are wrong.It is and will always be spelt "Adriaan."
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Adriaan is a stupid jerk that can sometimes be funny and a great friend. He's also good and clumsy when playing sports but doesn't usually play as a team.
Guy1: Yesterday I was with Adriaan H. H. ...
Guy2: Isn't he the stupid annoying jerk?
Guy1: Yeah buy sometimes he's actually a nice and funny person
by DyÑaMo February 13, 2019
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