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Adriaan is a universal word used to describe many actions and feelings:

1. Fun

2. Funny

3. Odd

4. Cute

5. Smart

The list is endless really but mainly the word is used to describe goods feelings....
Example: Today I woke up feeling Adriaan. This could have two meanings.

1. You actually woke up and felt Adriaan OR
2. You woke up feeling great.....!!!!!!
by rambored June 05, 2009
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A jerk mainly loves wearing speeds.

Loves girls typically a romantic guy
Tries to makes his friends feel loved and cared for
Guy 1: why does Adriaan get all the girls?
Guy 2:because,he treats everyone with respect.
by Bluestar408 December 20, 2017
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Backwards: Naairda
Will make your pussy tingle.
Eats vagina for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Has a very nice and muscular ass
no homo

Will bang 10/10

Wow Adriaan does know how to use his tongue!
Did you hear about how Adriaan finished off Missy last night!? I heard she's still shaking
by kankernummer2 June 08, 2018
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A savage that cares about no body but his money and his friends he loves expensive cars and other expensive stuff. he is so strong and powerful
guy1: damn that guys tough
guy2: ya I wanna get to know him.
guy3: watch out hes an Adriaan
by the bling boss December 06, 2017
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