3 definitions by DyÑaMo

The name for a future rapist
Yesterday I met an amazing guy
What's his name?
William Foster
'Calling the police'
by DyÑaMo February 8, 2018
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Adriaan is a stupid jerk that can sometimes be funny and a great friend. He's also good and clumsy when playing sports but doesn't usually play as a team.
Guy1: Yesterday I was with Adriaan H. H. ...
Guy2: Isn't he the stupid annoying jerk?
Guy1: Yeah buy sometimes he's actually a nice and funny person
by DyÑaMo February 13, 2019
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This guy is never afraid not even of thots
Yesterday I was with my friend Brett any...
OMG that guy probably is never afraid.
by DyÑaMo December 15, 2018
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