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A person who adopts a child for his/her own selfish needs.

Adoptoraptors are known to adopt children from overseas because they never want the child to be able to find his/her biological parents. The adopted child's biological history, ethncity, and culture are irrelevant to an adoptoraptor because the child's needs are not what is important.

Adoptoraptors who adopt within their own country use their money to pay off corrupt adoption agencies that facilitate adoptions where the fathers are never informed that they have a child and their rights are stripped. The agencies they use coerce women in "crisis" pregnancies to give up their children to the adoption machine so that they can be sold to adoptoraptors.

Adoptoraptors do not want their child to ever know his/her biological parents or family. They support immoral legislation that seals an adoptee's original birth certificate and replaces it with a falsified amended one listing the adopted parents as the biological parents.

Adoptoraptors like to frequent adoptee blogs where they can belittle adopted persons for fun. They like to label adoptees as "angry", "angsty", "ungrateful", etc. for wanting to know their biological histories.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are adoptoraptors. Madonna is an adoptoraptor. Katherine Hiegl is an adoptoraptor. Sandra Bullock is an adoptoraptor.
by ChrisMara December 24, 2011
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People or person who adopts too many children. Child hoarder. One who adopts because it is the in thing to do, like carrying a small dog in a purse, or liking Justin Bieber.
Brangelina is an adoptoraptor.

Madonna and Brangie, stop being adoptoraptors!
by adopted Claire January 04, 2011
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