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Noun - A computer program designed by a demon, to unleash the powers of hell upon anyone dumb enough to open the program. No one is safe when the program is opened. It will only lead to blood and tears.
True Fact: In the middle ages Adobe Flash would raid villages, rape the women, burn the homes and take slaves.
by LazerTazer October 18, 2010
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Adobe Flash, also known as Adobe Flash Player, the Flash virus, or just simply Flash is a major computer virus that has been affecting multiple computer operating systems for over 10 years now. The virus disguises itself as a web game loader, so that stupid people download it, but in reality it opens your machine up to hundreds of security risks, and loads up tons of not only annoying but extremely CPU intensive advertisements on websites that often make your web browser either start to lag like crazy or just simply crash unless you have a very powerful computer (and even then it often leads to problems as the Flash system is so outdated it cant even perform well on many extremely powerful systems). My 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo system could barely handle Flash ads, the CPU fan had to come on full speed to cool it as it ran so hot, just from ADS! Almost all computer security experts agree that Flash should NEVER be installed just for the security risks alone, never mind all the other stuff this virus leads to. Apple is one of the first companies to stop preinstalling Flash on their Macs, and it is not even installable on their mobile devices. It is recommended that if you have a PC or an older Mac that has Flash on it, you remove it immediately. You can find instructions on how to remove it by searching on Google. It is not detected by most major antivirus programs (as Adobe bribes them to not list it as a virus), so you will have to manually remove it.
Person 1: Did you know that Adobe Flash has had over 100 unaddressed major security holes for over a year now, leading to many extremely harmful viruses affecting PC's and Android phones, and even Macs?

Person 2: I don't care, I wanna watch my porno videos and play these poorly done games on Facebook!
by iBoy2G February 21, 2011
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