Adlay is pig Latin for lad
Redza: your a sick adlay

Darren: yeah we are maddest adlays that ever tagged this park
by Sick lad Pablo May 28, 2022
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Name given and used by Australian youths aged 16-25 usually, who wear nautica shirts white nike dri fit hats and footy shorts or canterbury trackpants,Also used to describe graffity vandals
Person 1:"See the new graffity up at the shops?"

Person 2:"Yeah I seen that It must of been the adlays"

Adlay:"Hey adlay spare us a smoke"

Adlay 2:"There ya go adlay"
by Harry69 December 20, 2010
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Pig-lattin word for "Lad"
by Gfghfdd December 15, 2018
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Lad in pigeon english/pig latin whatever you wana call it
lad 1: oi cuz the pigz are comin!
lad 2: ohh shit! itchday adlay
by is this name taken yet? April 5, 2009
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Idiots who come to raves sporting nautica shirts, polo shirts and white caps. like to rob ppl who are having a good time. dont like candi kids for reasons that are inexplicable.
eshay adlay! ya fucken idiot
by charlie July 15, 2004
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A young middle class male residing in Sydney's suburbs who attempts to be 'ghetto' and lower class to impress their peers. Physically they are usually unwashed, skinny, pale and riddled with acne. Their attire generally consists of collared polo or (stolen) nautica shirts, red or white (stolen) nautica hats and their finest jogging shoes. Activities of lads include attempting to rob others that are generally small or weak, sitting on town hall steps and smoking excessive amounts of ice.. which often results in the sunken 'ice face' look that lads are renowned for.

Lads are often accompanied by their female counterparts 'Lasses' who are also renowned for looking unwashed and generally speak in a very masculine derogatory manner.

Let's go hang out front left at subbies, adlay.
by Zukes June 5, 2007
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Pig latin for "lad". Nickname given to socially disadvanted youths who associate with other socially disadvantaged youths and engage in criminal behaviour, most noteably malicious damage, break & enter and robbery. Characterised by a unique style of clothing, namely Canterbury brand pants, polo shirt and a baseball cap.
Look at those adlays trying to crack on to each other
by Alan344 September 8, 2009
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