A small, white alien made out of fat. It was featured in the Doctor Who episode "Partners In Crime".
Aww, that little Adipose is so cute!
by Douko April 25, 2008
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More polite, Latin derived words, meaning obese. Adipose is fat tissue, hypercellulartiy is overgrowth of. You can say the truth, nobody knows
Woah bitch, you got adipose hypercellularity.
Thanks dude u r kind of hung yourself
by drjim December 22, 2007
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the most recent PC way of describing an overweight person
Doctor: what can I do for you today Mrs. Jones?
Mrs Jones: Doctor, I'm having more problem with my breathing lately, my feet hurt when I walk, and my ankles are swelling in the afternoons. Do you think there's something wrong with my heart?

Mr Jones: well, did the doctor figure out what's going on with you?
Mrs Jones: he says I'm highly adipose and I would feel better if I lost some weight.
Mr Jones: how much weight?
Mrs Jones: about 80 pounds. Do you think our insurance would cover liposuction if I said my doctor recommended it?
by brown eyed snake girl July 15, 2011
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