1. A word of French, not German origin for "goodbye." As opposed to "au revoir" adieu bears permenance.
Adieu, mon ami.
by Llewellyn Hunt June 19, 2005
this word is only used by wordle nerds
James: they think wordle can't be conquered I'll show them.
Henry: so what's your first word?
James: ADIEU
by Keefe sencens hot asf :D March 16, 2022
French National Football Team failing to qualify for the quarter final 2010 in South Africa.
Dude#1 "...France lost against Mexico!"
Dude#2 "O, that meens Adieu les Bleus! They played shitty anyway!"
by electromonk June 17, 2010
Right away, and not waiting to perform any more "goodbyes".
Neighborhood grandma: In order to minimize children's sorrow at having you leave them after Saturday afternoon playtime, it's often best to just briefly say, "Bye, kids!" and then quickly shut the door without further adieu
by QuacksO January 28, 2020
The typical course run by more than 50% of marriages.
Marriage counsellor: I always advise my "starry-eyed lovebirds" clients to "look at the whole picture" --- i.e., consider the entire scope and details of marriage --- before deciding whether they would truly be a good match for each other... I'd sure hate to see their fairly-tale romance merely proceed from "I do" to "Adieu" like so many of marriages do these days.
by QuacksO August 26, 2018
Where you make a big deal about saying goodbye when those around you really don't care much if you stay or go.
That clumsy gluttonous party-crasher wasn't invited to our backyard barbecue in the first place, and so his "long tearful goodbye" hijinks were really just "much adieu about nothing".
by QuacksO January 30, 2020
Say goodbye, take leave of

Adopted into English in the 1300s, it was first recorded in Chaucer's Troilus and Cressida (c. 1385). Today it is considered quite formal, although it also is used humorously.
He bids adieu her
by Annki777 November 1, 2019