An ultimate babe, a complete stunna, clever, good at everything but not a nerd, has lots of friends, does well at college but still goes out on the town and has an amazing social life, all the guys are after her coz of her babe status! and all the girls want to be her. Cressida's wear amazing clothes and have amazing parties.
"I'm guna go and ask out Cressida on a date"
"oh maannnn are you sure, shes deffo guna reject you, she already got asked out 5 times today"

"did you see Cressida today? she was wearing some jeggings and they looked amazing"
by wicky on my ticky April 10, 2010
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A marketing phenomena first made popular in the mid 80's. originally introduced by toyota and intended to outlast the camry, america's number 1 selling sedan, the cressida ultimately failed in such an endeavor and was discontinued sometime in the early 90's. a super-modified automobile, the cressida comes to most represent the toyota avalon, a luxory version of the camry. backed by a large amount of genius, the cressida was ultimately equipped as both a high performance and luxory vehicle.

boasting a 190hp twincam engine, highly resembling that of the toyota supra, this rear-wheel car took the nation by storm and can be seen around the nation by young drifter's in their early 20's.
tom: ahhhh damn...
mike: crappp...
dk: what happened?
david: alex's cressida just pwned up that caca brown suburban and jizzy accord.
by driftingZzzz June 2, 2005
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A dirty cressida does not exist because all Cressida are beautiful and clean and does not sin
by Flattittys March 2, 2020
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