Someone with a great presonality and can be Cute, pretty, and hot all at the same time. They also have big butts and are not fat
Adelaide is a very pretyy and amazing person
by adelaidecheng February 23, 2020
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Adelaide is the best gal ever. She is super fun, and has a big sense of adventure! She is stunningly gorgeous, but she doesnt know it, so give her lots of compliments! She has good style, and loves going shopping. She is also very sporty. Adelaide loves being unique, and she always seems to stand out from the crowd. Boys line up in front of her door! So if you fancy an Adelaide ask her out quick, before she is gone! Adelaide is super funny, kind, and just strait up awesome! If you have an Adelaide in your life, hold her tight and never let her go!!
Person: Woah dude, do you see that super hot girl? Whats her name?
Other Person: Oh yeah thats Adelaide
by #CoolGirlLife February 09, 2021
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One of the best people you will ever meet. She is a GREAT friend. She is a super good dancer. She makes amazing jokes and lights up a room. She is probably pretty short and has amazing golden hair! She has good opinions on things that you are most likely to agree with. She is super loyal and kind. Everyone wants to be friends with an Adelaide.
girl #1) Hey is that Adelaide?
girl #2) Yesss, omg I love her!
girl #1) I want to be friends with her so bad.:(
girl #2) Omg you should go ask shes so nice!! she lights up a room and is so funny!:)
by -sadboyycentral- October 23, 2020
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Adelaide, who often goes by Addy, is an incredible and beautiful human being that deserves all the happiness in the world. She is very fond of Varli, and worships her routinely. She also is a life coach for people taking shits, which just shows how truly kind she is. She is also continually rock hard. It sometimes can be a bit of an issue. She was previously a vendor for gamer girl pee but has since moved on to being an avid kogat penny . Overall, she is the best friend and person anyone could ever ask for.
by ilysmbitchhappybday October 27, 2019
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