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Adel, what can i say about her she has an Amazing personality and she is a beautiful, sweet girl that you should never take advantage of and you can always trust her no matter what. It's just her personality is what you'll like in her or in this case adel is the perfect girl for you. She's a funny girl that has talent and she has all the things u look for a girl to have in. Gorgeous face, sparkling eyes, cute face, booty, hair and etc you get it. also she's the best person that will ever come into your life because she gives you so many memories that you will never ever forget about them because it's hard to forget about someone who have you so much to remember.
Yo bro i think i just saw an Adel in my class
by mario loves ashley April 12, 2017
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A masculine name of mainly Arabic origins meaning one who does just things. One who is for justice. Also bearing of German descent conveying attributes of one who is noble and pleasant.
May be a feminine variant of the French name Adele which comes from Adela meaning of noble birth or princess and good humor.

Adel is a game about eccentric English lords showing off their collections of objects d'art with the aim of winning a rather unlikely bet. It is played in a sequence of short rounds which involve decisions based on a hand of cards. Your opponents hold similar hands and they are therefore making comparable choices. It is, essentially, a game of bluff and of out-thinking your opponent in which your success is measured by moving around a race track. The first one home wins and is deemed to have the best bluffing and guessing skills.

Adel Imam is one of the most famous actors in the Arab-speaking world

Master of the oud Adel Salameh

Adel, GA. Adel, IA. Adel, OR
A variant of aestheticism. Adelistic intergration. Dudeguy, Adel.

amar naam Adel

adel sitar bajou oud khelou

Adel is a million miles away yet right here on your screen and in your thoughts.

Adel mysticism
by Adel May 08, 2005
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She is an remarkable girl, who some may take for granted at times. Shes always there for people when they need it and always up to help people even when she has her own problems. She is ridiculously nice. She sees every human being as an amazing gift to life. She has a personality beyond special. At times she might be a second choice when she deserves better. She has a great sense of humour and at times she cares too much about what people think of her. People dont fall in love with her look they fall in love with the astonishing person she is. When you first meet her she may be shy but when you get to know her ...when will she ever shut up. Shes strong on the outside but has a very soft heart. She offers the best advice and will do anything for anyone and not expect anythinh in return. She may not be the most attractive but she is beautiful in her own little way.
Friend 1: Oh my gosh can you believe this girl i met the other day man?
Friend 2: what?
Friend 1: She is such an Adel
by Awesome536 January 15, 2014
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