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She very very beautiful she will still your man she's cute funny chill and very sweet she's a little short but that's okay
The boy: I have a crush on adela
The friend: then tell her
The boy: I'm scared

The friend: why
The boy: what if she don't like me
by Beuaty July 16, 2017
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They are very intelligent, strong, noble, wise, & extremely hot! Watch out she’s got it all! Perfect 10 no matter what inside and out. Rare to find one they are usually married, if you have an Adela in you’re life then you my friend are a lucky man. Do not mistake her silence as shyness they are watchers. Adela’s don’t like drama and rather stay away from the crowds definitely a lone wolf even though they have friends. People always envy her because she’s got what others don’t have a good heart and banging body, but watch out because they can also fight and fat chicks tend to keep they’re man away from them because they see her as a threat. adelas may seem stuck up but they are the most humblest woman you can ever meet. They go through a lot people try bringing them down but they stand they’re ground and never give up they have too much to love for even though they are hated.
“Ugh, Kevin stay far away from adela and don’t even let me catch you staring at her I’ll be watching you!”

“Why can’t I have big tits and a big ass with a flat waist like Adela?!”

“Fucking Adela’s got it going on!”
“I see you Adela”
by Gerardolopez009 May 28, 2018
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line stealah!! watch out before she steals your lines!
Adela: "I'll eat your face!"
Dana: "That's my line..."
by marianwebster March 03, 2005
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a girl who has a great heart and a wonderful mind and is amazingly hott
nicknamed: drug deela, eela adela, garamwali, poo, garam n mirchi
by asad January 19, 2005
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a girll who is kind, and thoughtful who is a great listener... and someone who is drop dead gorgeous.. also has an obsestion withh dinosaurs...
Adelas best friends name starts with a "K"
by 644972kakjlm November 17, 2009
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A comment sudo name A boujee girl , dangerous fighter n acts too shit , everyone’s scare of her , she’s cute
by Malual March 12, 2019
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A llama enthusiest who has a loud voice and hugs people so hard she can break your ribs. Also very determined to find real life yellow ducks in the wild and will not give up on finding them. if you need a yellow duck, you need an adela in your life.To know if your friend is an adela check her head and if theres a unicorn horn buried in her hair she is definitly an adela.
Person 1: there seem to be no yellow ducks here
Person 2: seems like you need an adela in your life
by BananaPeels April 10, 2015
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