Used by achievement hunters (whores) as a euphemism for cheating. See: fell of the back of a truck
Achievement hunter 1: How'd you finally manage to get your glitched achievement to unlock in beowulf?
Achievement hunter 2: I just changed my IP address and it unlocked... If you know what I mean.
by Jack IXI February 18, 2015
uber paranoid user. thinks he is funny too unfortunately
UNWILLING TO GIVE MY REAL ADDRESS WITHOUT A GOOD REASON: "Create a new e-mail address at yahoo or hotmail or whatnot and post all definitions from it and use a fake address for recommending deletions, unless your penis is small and you need offers to make it bigger."
by brendan May 15, 2004
My address on where I live. Something you will never find unless you weird af
by P0RTA1 January 30, 2022