A sex machine. Adam got laid at the beginning of time and still continues the tradition today.
Adam defines sex. The first person to get laid and most likely the last. No one has been having sex longer.

Adam has started a tradition that has lasted humans for millenniums. Sex has become the number one recreational activity for humans everywhere.
by Qiklotang June 11, 2005
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Karen: Adam must be the sexiest damn person alive.
Allison: I agree. Adam is hot!
by I GOT HOPPS June 11, 2005
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The funny guy, the one everyone turns to for a quick laugh or a fun time. Typically the guy that wins the heart of all the ladies.
Sarah: Adam is hilarious!
Emily: I know, Adam is the only guy i see as a perfect fit for me.
Sarah: Yeah, you and every other girl in this world.
by The Pugs Man June 11, 2005
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Name meaning in greek: the leader of men

When people back down, Adam steps up.

In a rough situation Adam will take command.
by useranonymous April 23, 2008
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The best guy ever. Great friend. Very lovable. Is completely awesome. Probably the best guy you could ever meet. Loved by most. 1,000,000 times better than Edward!
Example: You remind me of Adam.

Meaning: I think you're awesome.
by Alexis... January 07, 2010
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