He is a tall boy with perfect hair. He makes you want to fall in love. It’s difficult to talk to him bc of how much feelings there is. His style is amazing and just makes you want to own all his sweaters. He’s friends with everyone but has his own small group.
Do you still like adam ?

Of course how could I not
by Bloondielocks January 18, 2020
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Adam, is a wonderful person to be friends with, if you ever get the chance to date an adam STAY with him for as long as you possibly can, he will treat you right, make you feel like a princess and love you for who you are.
My boyfriend adam, calls me goregous, pretty, amazing, stunning everything i have ever wanted he is the most amazing guy i have ever met!
He complements me everytime we talk I love him to bits!
by bohner 13 September 04, 2011
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Genesis 1:25, "Adam and Eve were naked, and they were not ashamed."

The modern day "Adam" is a male who tries to be as naked as is socially acceptable at all times, even if it is only BARELY acceptable.
Tommy is an Adam if I ever saw one! At home he wears shorts or swim trunks ONLY.

When outside in public, he wears sandals, a button-up shirt -- unbuttoned, or a T-shirt on his head like an Arabic head-dress.

He'd rather not wear a shirt at all, but, this way if he wants to enter a store or restaurant he can button up his dress shirt, or take the T-shirt off his head and wear it on his abdomen.
by Tommy's Mommy June 24, 2006
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Ghosts everyone with his special instagram thingy very protective of his motherland
Omg he loves tea must be a Adam
by Shaybaba May 21, 2020
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“A shining star

a selfless, caring, warm-hearted individual, who always puts others needs above his own. Someone who will guide your way in the darkest of times and inspire you to do your best and will love you unconditionally.
Adam is the most handsome man in the crowd, but do not be surprised, Adam is also the smartest, most attentive person you’ll ever meet.
Thank your lucky stars for having him in your life.
Adam is a shining star
by Kontoub May 29, 2019
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A extremely long penis of at least nineteen inches.
He was taunting me with Jake, so I just whipped out Adam and put him to shame!
by Master Doom September 27, 2009
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Guy 1: Hey, who owns that impressive pile of chick's hearts?
Guy 2: Adam, of course. Fucker.
by intrusivethinking February 07, 2010
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