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Super fly, out-going, loves to party, and she is the one you need to call when you want to have a good time. The awesomest one at the party, and gets a little crazy after midnight. One in a million. All the guys want her, and she is the best friend you can have.
Whoa, did you just see Adalis?
Yeah, didn't she look hot?
Man, I wish I had a girl like Adalis!
Shoot, I WANT Adalis!
by Band Geeks are the Awesomest September 28, 2011
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An amazing beautiful girl who deserves the world. She has serious anger issues and is mean to everyone but is really hurt on the inside and never shows it. She is very strong and hot . She has a nice ass and a nice body and face . She is very insecure although everyone else thinks she’s gorgeous. Any guy who has Her is extremely lucky. She is a very rare girl who has the best person and you would be lucky to have in your life
Guy 1: damn who is that chick
Guy 2: that’s ADALI

Guy 1: I cant get her off my mind
Guy 2: me Too man
by Amanda Guzman December 30, 2018
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A nice chick who's super fly. She's thick and wifey material. Kinkiest girl ever yet still super chill and quiet. A goddess when you're with her.
"Damn dude did you see how hot Adali is?"
"Yeah man I wish I was with her right now."
"Me too"
by Fuckboy21111 November 20, 2016
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He is a wonderful boy if something brings him down he fights through it his laughs are wonderful he'll bring you joy if something is wrong he'll ask you what is wrong he is a wonderful and cute boy
Adali is wonderful
by Carrot25 June 02, 2018
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