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usually extremely tall and attractive very caring and compassionate toward others. She is always helpful and has many talents. Adahs are amazing girls and people you should get to know.
you are so nice...just like Adah
by jjjjjjjooooooo mama March 13, 2010
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The most caring, loving mother/ sister/ daughter/ ex wife/ best friend ever. She is a mother to all and is always the voice of reason. Gorgeous, confident, great sense of humor, funny, easy to love, honest, smarter than she gives herself credit for. You always feel a need to protect her or stand behind her and remind her how amazing and talented she is. Always considerate and never fails to be the one you can always depend on.

A lifetime friend whom you should all be so lucky to have. Having an Adah in your life is having someone to understand.
I wish the world had an Adah. smoke dog for life !
by Neko da grrrreaaattt!! May 20, 2016
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Usually a short petite girl, with expressive eyes, usually a crybaby at most, but can also have a bold personality. Adah’s tend to be emotional, treat them with care. Their facial characteristics are usually exotic, yet innocent which makes people intimidated and at the same time feel easy.. Adah’s can be good cooks, artists and mind readers.. although they seem sweet, don’t get on their bad side.. for Adah’s can be very bold.. they can throw tantrums if they don’t get their way, for Adah’s can be extremely spoiled.. all in all Adah’s are exciting to be around, and can be very lovable.. get you an Adah ❤️
Have you seen Adah? She’s so cute, but don’t get on her bad side.. 😱
by Mufasa ♥ September 08, 2018
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she is just that bitch POINT BLANK DONE yall could never be her but yall want to. she never gets mad but will cut a bitch so back up.
keep playing and I will get Adah.
via giphy
by thecitygirl55 February 05, 2019
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