A person who, aside from poverty and ramen-fueled jokes, desires to express with images what words cannot. Story-telling at its best. An indescribable longing to show others they are not alone in this world.
“With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise you're not being an actor. You're lying."
by GRadha December 26, 2008
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An attention-seeking person who pretends to be someone else and gets paid a ridiculous amount of money for doing so.

This person is incapable of doing a real job because there would be no one clapping for them all the time.

Today's actors are descended from - and are no better than - the travelling bands of buffoons from centuries ago, who pretended to be other people and got paid next to nothing. They were considered to be the lowest of the low.

Today, thanks to television and cinema, these same buffoons get paid more money than all the worthwhile doctors, scientists etc. put together. In fact they get paid more money than possibly anyone else, with the result that all the gullible, foolish people consider them to be the highest of the high.

Red carpets are often rolled out for them to walk on in an effort to make them feel important.

They are always boasting about their "craft" and how they are so thankful to be paid for doing what they love.

Actors are always giving each other awards and they are under the delusion that anyone who is in "The business" is better than anyone who does a real job.

Essentially, an actor is a person who has at least one plastic surgery procedure per month, thinks that they are a cut above the rest, and gets paid too much. Despite never having done a day's work in their life.
Tom Cruise is a good example of an actor. This person has been in the spotlight a great deal and it has affected his brain.

Consequently, he believes himself to be an expert on every topic known to man, from religion to psychiatry.

This behaviour could also, possibly, be attributed to the fact that he is so used to pretending, that he doesn't know when to stop. That would explain why nobody believes that he knows anything at all about any of these topics.
by Little Bluebird May 25, 2012
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Specific to Los Angeles, anyone who works as a bartender, waiter or waitress.
After sitting in our booth for 45 minutes we left after the actor couldn't see fit to take our drink order.

"Oh, you're an actor? Wow, really? Which restaurant?"
by Holden McKock July 23, 2006
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In the biz a MALE who acts. If you are a female who believes she should be called an 'actor' then get a sex change...and see female actor for assistance.
Tom Cruise thinks that he is an actor. He was good when he was young, but now he is an egomaniac and should hire someone who is actually tough and large to do his 'cool dude' movies like "Mission Impossible." Tommy makes these movies unwatchable knowing that Nicole could likely kick his ass.
Some women think that they are actors. They are wrong. They are actresses. If they are actually hermaphrodites then they should be given the option; otherwise, the ACTING needs to stop at least with THIS word SNAFU.
by psiscott April 21, 2006
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An actor is one that does not act but rather attempts to live and breathe the person/character he is portraying.It is one of the worsts arts you can be in as many people disrespect this profession and think of it as fooling around.When acting is done properly it is a dangerous profession as the intense emotions felt are real.If one tries acting and does no feel anythig except stupid or funny theyre not doing it properly.Many actors in different countries around the world are extremely talented but do not have much opportunities to do this as a full time job.However these people do their utmost in just working hard enough and produce a sufficient product in so many short hours.Acting allows us to escape from the world and be another person.It's challenging and intriguing...its never ending.
countries eg:Malta .These countries do not have any finance to make acting there full time job,not even partime...so apart from there normal full time jobs an actor acts without pay and produce a good product..This is what we call extreme dedication.
by akathleenparsons October 16, 2009
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A Starving Waiter, someone who survives solely on Ramen.
We should tip that actor atleast 20% because he is so poor.
by theatrebrad February 25, 2005
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Person dealing with an awkward situation by behaving in the way they think someone else would bahave or saying what they think someone in a sitcom might say in that situation.
Person who evades emotional intimacy by pretending to be an idealised version of themselves. One deliberately ignoring the truth to make themselves look better than they are.
- special case of this is the 'american' who pretends to be happy, confident and successful at the expense of warmth and empathy, or pretends that everything is really really great to nauseating excess. (no dis to the USA - this stems from the fact that America's big on advertising)
That guy's a psycho, a total actor.

I was looking forward to meeting your friend, but I got stuck talking to this actor.
by Uncle Jimbo October 1, 2006
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