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The red supergiant star in the constellation of Orion.
This ageing beauty is one of the few stars on which surface features have been observed.
Pronounced "beetlejuice", the word was thus misspelt to provide the name of the titular villain in a 1980's Tim Burton film.
Geek#1: Someday our sun will run out of hydrogen fuel and become a giant like Betelgeuse.

Geek#2: Someday you'll regret wasting your life on the internet, when your eyes are burnt out from the persistant glare of LCD screens.
by Uncle Jimbo September 30, 2006
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Person dealing with an awkward situation by behaving in the way they think someone else would bahave or saying what they think someone in a sitcom might say in that situation.
Person who evades emotional intimacy by pretending to be an idealised version of themselves. One deliberately ignoring the truth to make themselves look better than they are.
- special case of this is the 'american' who pretends to be happy, confident and successful at the expense of warmth and empathy, or pretends that everything is really really great to nauseating excess. (no dis to the USA - this stems from the fact that America's big on advertising)
That guy's a psycho, a total actor.

I was looking forward to meeting your friend, but I got stuck talking to this actor.
by Uncle Jimbo October 1, 2006
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