Yar - Har - fiddle - dee-dee...
PC: *bobba*
Cap'n: let me reinstarrl yar cpu and me rum cooling loop.
PC: *Activate windows*
Cap'n: ...
PC: STOP! You violated the law!
Distant voice: been too long since I've seen a good brawl!
Cap'n: *goes to toms hardware on iphone*
*Fans spin down*
*A few hours lateeerrr*
*Hackintosh awakens!*
Cap'n: *rests straw hat after a long days work*
Also Cap'n: *gets some well earned sleep at boot camp*
*Activate windows*
Cap'n: *Jolts awake*
*Realising it had all been a terrible dream the cap'n is confronted know those days are behind them now they are a part of the macster race.*
*Click...* *Click...*
*Boot camp*
*Unsettled Tom*



*Activate windows*
Cap'n: *rubber punches computer*
Cap'n: *Finds the nearest body bag cache* *tosses every componet possible in*
*They knew what they must do*
*Noone could ever trace this back to them*
Cap'n: *Glancing back* *Sees that the iphone has witnessed these events*
*They must also be disposed of* *After all, the apple doesn't fall far...*
by Ellipsis115 April 18, 2019
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Going into settings and activating it
Activate windows already KSI!
by S/he’s just a friend November 24, 2020
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Launch the Notepad application and create a new, blank note.
Copy and paste the following block of text into your Notepad

@echo off
taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe

Go to File, then click on Save as. Name the file Activation.bat and change the file format to All files.

Choose the location where the file becomes easily reachable, and click the Save button. I recommend saving files like this on your Desktop to maximize accessibility.

Right-click on the file and choose Run as administrator. If you don’t have this option, you’re not signed into an account with admin permissions.

Restart your device and enjoy life without watermarks!
Activate Windows Watermark Removal (easy and legit)

Jane: How do i get rid of this annoying watermark telling me to activate windows?

John: Put

@echo off
taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe

into a .bat file and run it as admin.
Restart your computer and it should be gone.
by RemiKYS March 4, 2022
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The way Microsoft annoys you with a pop-up every 1 hour if you dont have wi-fi to activate Windows (why tf do you need to activate Windows anyways, isnt buying ur license enough proof?)
Damn! I can´t use Windows 7 anymore because I don´t have Wi-Fi to activate it with Windows Activation
by Dieguito0512 September 7, 2020
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