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Mac + Master = Macster.
A mac, being a person that is good with women (macin on chicks), and a master is the best at something, we get Macster.
This word can also describe a guru of the Apple computers (for nerds)
Ryan: "Dude, Jon is such a Macster, he's practically putting us all on cold streaks"
nerd: "I need help loading Safari... where's the Macster when you need him!!!?"
by p1mp1nx0r July 23, 2010
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Mac owner + Hipster = Macster
A Mac owner (or technology geek) who is currently craving, or in possession of, the triad of Apple products, e.g., the Mac, iPad, and iPhone in order to impress friends or just have the newest and most hip trends to show off to everyone
Parr: "Check out my personal collection of Apple merchandise. And I haven't even sold half of my soul yet!"
Anne: "You're such a Macster..."
by Slawl February 10, 2013
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