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Male name. Also pronounced Aaco, Ako or Aako.

Aco is a nickname for Diaco (Deioces) was, according to Herodotus, the first king of the Median Empire. It is a male name in Kurdish-speaking areas. It is a non-religious name for boys with Medes, Kurdish heritage. It means the leader or the boss.
Aco is a very gentle and intelligent friend.
by IT19A+ May 10, 2017
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City of Aurora in the state of Colorado. In other states it would be a suburb but wants to be hood so bad it’s recongnized as ghetto
I’m in Denver right now but I’m headed to the A CO
by LA Quis May 01, 2018
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To refer to someone as the lowest of the low. The scrapings at the bottom of the barrel. A boiled sweet down the back of life's sofa. I pimple on the face of humanity. Someone who would scam you to the extreme and be proud of it.
when in a conversation with someone who has the morals of a dead cat, you can end your conversation by saying "Your so Aco".
by Rudebwoi February 10, 2008
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the stupideth idiot in the whole wide world par none.
Damn, Aco!
by Ur master June 03, 2003
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is fat with large boobs like a woman, but is a man

also is a sad act who sits on the xbox all day long swearing and starting fights with random american idiots
aco: you absolute f***ing tw*t

omg have u seen the size of him? hes almost as big as aco
by jack ryan laa March 22, 2008
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