A man of such incredible power nobody can stop him and everybody fears this absolute unit
Dave: hey you seen that guy Declan Adams
Stuart: yeah I heard he’s an absolute unit
Dave: yeah him and that guy Joel Timbrell are trouble
Stuart: I like kids
Dave: Aiden is a pussy
by Aiden whiteley October 4, 2018
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What dumbass brits say when they see heavy ass people
Hallo Timothy did you see that absolute unit yesterday on the trolly? I sure did Hemsworth, that bloke could’ve been 130 kilo grams.
by Jay mami June 11, 2018
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by xXx_420pu55y5l4y3r69_xXx December 4, 2018
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Someone who exhibits a large amount of power.
Did you just see that girls throw? She’s an absolute unit!
by blondebhabe May 8, 2018
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A person that has a lot of body fat, but is very strong. On the outside they appear to be overweight and fat, but on the inside they could probably backsquat more than twice your body weight.
Guy 1: Him. I want him on the team.
Guy 2: Are you sure? That guy is really overweight.
Guy 1: Yeah, but that dude can deadlift 400lbs. He's an absolute unit.
by UrbanDovakiin January 7, 2019
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A term used to describe absolute units
Absolute unit
by Adolf kritler November 10, 2018
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a person can win a baskball game without teammates and destorys lebron james
he absolute fucking unit on the baskball court
by fwejweoieijf August 25, 2021
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