The group of religions that are descended from the faith of Abraham. These include Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Baha'i.
Islam is Abrahmic, but Buddhism is a non-Abrahmic religion.
by Brendt November 16, 2003
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He is a cute and loving guy with a great personality. You'll love him once you meet him. He is a real girl magnet. He is super caring and every one loves him. People wish they could be him but they can't.
Did you see that abrahm guy he is so cute!!!
by nicolewilson April 28, 2016
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A Mexican guy who is all about money and family. He has money to blow. He is a herbivore(likes to smoke weed). He can get any girl he wants because of his swag,looks,size of his johnson and his abilities in bed and of course his game. He is real smooth with the ladies. But he would rather have a Mexican girl over any other girl. He is a flirt but once he is in a relationship,he's loyal as fuck. He doesn't put up with bullshit. He cuts girls quicker than barbers. He has plenty of haters but it's ok because haters don't phase him,they only make him famous and more stronger. To sum him all up, he's a great guy to be around with,he's down for anything,if you're loyal to him then he's loyal to you and any girl would be lucky to have him.
Damn,look at ABRAHM! He's so f**king sexy. I wish he was my boyfriend.
by Lil UNO(-.-) October 14, 2011
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A character on the tv series, Gossip Girl.

Totally pointless, and one of the most-hated characters. Hails from Brooklyn, and is known for developing crushes on the main male characters on the show even though she's supposed to be "independent" and "cool".

She's not even a bitch, because bitches are too good for her. Spends most of her time being in loooove with Nate Archibald.

A very pointless character. All she brings into the show is boredom, stupid drama (not even the good kind), and a lot of:
Vanessa: Should I call him? Ohmigawsh, he's such a hawtie, and I'm like, not supposed to fall in love with him but I DID and I don't wanna sound desperate even though I am but should I call him??????
Jenny: /facepalm/
Girl 1: Dude, Gossip Girl last night would've rocked if Vanessa didn't ruin it.

Girl 2: Ew, Vanessa Abrahms is such a fucking pointless bitch.
by hatredislove June 23, 2009
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An intensely difficult and particularly evil piece written for concert band by David Holsinger.

Coming in at just about 174 beats per minute this heart-racing piece spells hell in big, red, capitol letters in an obscenely large font for all those who have to play.

It features flutes and trumepts in an epic battle-type mayhem with its main melody switching every few bars to create an exciting but extremely confusing piece.
Band instructor: Alright, lets try this piece by David Holsinger.
Band: What's it called?
Band Instructor: (Tentatively) Abrahms Pursuit
Band: DEATH!
by AbrahmsPursuitCasualty March 19, 2008
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