abi is a beautiful and caring girl. some days she will be smiling but has ginormous pain inside and some days she just can’t hide it. you should always check if abi is okay because she is half vulnerable and half strong. you are so lucky if you know an abi. don’t let her go. if she has a problem in life she will usually turn to escape it although she should really stay put and fix it.

nobody is perfect but abi is as close to perfect as you can be.
p1- did you see abi?

p2- yeah she is so happy today.
p1- she just broke down in tears so me
by livvv<3 April 24, 2019
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. Average height with brown hair and green/blue eyes. She's a really good athlete and loves to run. If one enters your life never let her go. She's tough but has a heart. If you get in her heart don't break it because she will be devastated.
Jim: Abi's such a good athlete
Bob: I know! She's so good at running!
by Ur BFF November 23, 2012
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Abi is one of the most gorgeous but humble people you’ll ever meet. Her insane natural beauty makes everyone jealous but abi is modest. She seems cool when you first meet her but once you get close to her you see how crazy she can be (in a good way) she cares about everyone so much and will always put others feelings before hers. She always seems happy even if something is troubling her but she will tell her closest friends. In three words abi is kind, beautiful and crazy. Everyone loves abi.
Guy 1: who’s that girl, she’s proper fit and she seems so nice
Guy 2: that’s abi, she’s unreal
by urbannbitchh July 13, 2018
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A spoken and written dialect first documented in the tribal regions of Oakland, California. Tribal members would debate over whether to call marijuana "weed" or "cannabis", until one individual combined the two into "weedabis". However, other natives misunderstood the origen of the word and incorrectly understood it as "weed-abis," thus creating the suffix "abis." Smokers and non-smokers alike from across the United States have since conversed in the 'abis' dialect, which simply reqiures the speaker to add 'abis' to the end of every sentence. 'Abis' may be optionally added to miscellaneous words.
Dan: "Grrr-abis I am so madabis!"
Joel: "Danabis, you're always madabis."
Pacman: "I want some snacksabis..."
Jordan: "Abis-abis."
Koji: "khaaaaaanh-abis!"
by Master Jew August 10, 2012
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when one offers gesture of kindness; a good deed.
he pulled an Abi by keeping the lonely new kid company.
by wa1996 May 17, 2012
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