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an awesome person who is loved by everyone. VERY pretty and smart! a person that u know u want to know!
Person 1 : Oh my god is that Abha?

Person 2 : *GASP* OMG! YES! my life is finally complete!
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The ABHA, the Anti Banana Hammock Association.
People join this organization to outlaw the speedo.
I joined the ABHA the other day because my fat neighbour always tans in his speedo.
by Just a boy 24 August 30, 2007
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abhas is the coolest person alive and is very handsome, legend has it that he has a big you know what. anyways, abhas is very funny and charming. he's really good with the ladies, matter of fact, he has prob done it with your girlfriend. he is very athletic and has a great sexy body. he is very intelligent and is a good boy and will bring your daughter at curfew.
person 1: who's that cute lookin guy there
person 2: oh none other than ABHAS, duh
person 1: wow he's very sexy look at that body!!
person 2: yeh ikr he's very handsome lets go talk to him!
by p3nis4days August 07, 2017
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