May i tenderise your tuna with my love club
by Matilda Dave August 11, 2003
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To do absolutly nothing within a small - medium size co-ed group. Hanging out in a close group and shunning those who try to break up said group. Chilling with the opposite gender for no other reason then to just be with the opposite gender ;).
person 1- Man look at that group! They arent even doing anything they are just standing there hanging out.
person 2- Nah man, they are love clubbing.
by KeiiaraN July 29, 2010
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A kick ass song, and it's not about sex and fudging...

The lyrics are about "Lust at First Sight".

Thanks wikipedia!
Be on the look out for LiL Wayne to remix this song!

Love in This Club is a great song, and maybe a comeback song for Usher!
by metallkidd93 March 11, 2008
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'club' formed on tumblr when the luke mullen lovers realized they were all lesbians
they lesbians love luke club is healthy proof that you don't have to be a thirsty creep over someone to love and appreciate them
by bambikippen May 14, 2019
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