A funny nice person who can be a bit selfish at times but is generally kind, and usually puts her friends before her family. She can get down easily but that fake smile can fool anyone. People want to know her better but she doesn't trust people too easily. she can be pretty when she wants to be and wants someone to love her for who she is. Everyone loves abbie. :)
by FlyGuy... February 20, 2011
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Abbie is a beautiful human being. Most of the time she is selfless but doesn't forget about her own feelings. She is an intrevert, yet has a wide circle of friends that she can rely on as much as they rely on her. She is very musical and enjoys school, not just for her friends but to learn aswell. She is quite a procrastinator, when she has something to do she puts it off, but if she has started something she must finish it. She enjoys reading books more than watching films, and is not religious but respects how people have individual religions. All round she is a very kind, caring,genuine, and pretty girl who lots of people admire.
"Wow, I want to be like Abbie!"
"Who doesnt"
by rawrawrimadinosaur August 25, 2012
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Se is the kinda girl that is friendly and can’t be replaced and she always finds a way to make people laught she normally has dark blond hair with blue or green eyes. Abbie is the girl guys fall for without her knowing her friends always tell her people are flirting but she never sees it and never belives it. Abbie has some secrets and scars and bearly trust anyone so if your best friend with her never let her down or she will never trust you again. Abbie normally goes for boys with curly hair and a funny personality.
Hey who’s that girl

It’s abbie good luck though she does not trust people

I’ll win her
by Rockyrockstar August 12, 2018
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The girl who has big blue eyes, the cutest face and the longest dark blonde hair, who is the most beautiful, the most awesome, the best, the most amazing, the prettiest, the sexiest, the funniest, the absolute cutest in the world. Anyone would be lucky to have this Abbie so if your ever lucky enough to get her don't screw it up or take advantage, because she is the most kindest and thoughtful person you would ever be lucky enough to go out with.

This wonderful person goes by the names: Super Abbie, smarty blue pants, cutie, beautiful, sexy and or sexy ass, my girl and NUTTER!
" I just cant take me eyes off abbie shes just so beautiful"
" Awwwwww abbies so cute"
by Foreverherboy March 7, 2013
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This name is only given to the most trustworthy friend who is beautiful, great, cute, easy-going, caring and considerate person. They also like Irish sports show jumping horses, 15.3-16.3, with a good temperament and good at schooling ;) ;);)
'Abbie is so amazing isn't she'

'Yeah dude totally'
by Abbie's best friend October 26, 2013
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Abbie is a very good friend. She will talk to you when you're sad and no matter how mad she seems, she really cares. Abbie is a top notch lass and the best you'll ever see.
Dang, Abbie is so funny. She once said she liked "Voltron"
by Your Dad Gey May 16, 2019
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Abbie is the sexiest most beautiful person I know. She keeps me on my toes and is fucking amazing. I absolutely love her
I fucking love Abbie
by Ninjamasta January 8, 2013
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