Abbie is the bestest human being in the universe and you should respect her or she will never stop being cold to you.abbie never seems to have a boyfriend like her friends but likes to try to look nice in case she finds one. Abbie loves music especially rap and is very creative and enjoys to write her own stories. A food lover and a couch potato and the most loyal friend you’ll ever have. She is beautiful and deserves the best in life.
Abbie is the pengesttttt!
Abbie needs to link me!
Abbie’s fittttt!
by Abbzie August 14, 2018
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Real g. Funny to be on call with. Vry good listener. Loyal fren and bare jokes. Always got her besties backs and can slap up unfit females in p.e. Best 1 in Zebra gang and a mad girl best fren. Also says piss off alot
by Bigshotz069 September 19, 2020
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She's the girl for anyone and she is a great kisser with the squashy arse every
Abbie she's my favourite she is a girl who will be there for you and you can tease and not be bothered
by WCKILA14 February 26, 2017
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Abbie, although being amazing, can be extremely violent at times, watch out for Abbie!
Abbie is amazing
by LeCookie February 12, 2015
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Abbie is beautiful. spontaneous. her eyes are a mix of blue and green, the most beautiful pair of eyes to look into. she could light up the whole room with her smile. if looks could kill, Abbie would be a murder she's that beautiful.
"i live for you, i long for you, abbie"
by litliv290 December 27, 2016
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Abbie is a beautiful girl, with gorgeous brown hair, and luxurious brown eyes. She is sweet, loving, caring, and loves God with all of her heart. She can always make you smile, and feel better on your bad days. If you ever find yourself an Abbie- Hang on to her and never let her go. You will never find anyone as beautiful inside or out as her. If you ask her out, and she says yes... then you will have never made a better decision in your life. She will bring you presents and tell you how awesome you are. Just remember, Abbie is unique, pretty, smart (Makes all A's to be exact), funny, and loves life.
Boy: Hey dude, did you see Abbie today? She is SMOKING HOT!
Other Boy: Sorry dude, I know she is. but sadly, this sexy creature is taken. The guy she is dating is the LUCKIEST man alive.
by Abbie's Secret Admirer December 29, 2011
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Abbie is such a nice girl, she is caring, selfless and extremely beautiful, she's an amazing singer and a strong individual, she is very modest and has a lot of friends, she doesn't care what other people think of her unless they are her friends, in which case she is a true friend, she is not predjudice and doesn't care what you look like, and doesn't blame you for your accidents. She is extremely intelligent and cares for her reputation. Everyone wants to be with her, she's purely amazing, beautiful person who seriously proves the "nobody's perfect" theory wrong!
Everyone: Oh My God! Abbie is so perfect!
by asdfMEfdsa December 9, 2012
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