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-Arabic for honest, loyal, trustworthy and faithful.

A common islamic name, also the name of the prophet Muhammed's (pbuh) mother.
-can be defined as a ferocious being, fashionista, one who lives life in the FAB lane, manifestation of fabulosity, can pull of any outfit... even when covered and dressed modestly, extremely beautiful, blessed with gorgeous features, multi-lingual coming from an exotic background. Just .... overall amazing being.
Girl one: Damn i wished i looked as good as Aaminah.
Girl two: yeah, don't we all.
Girl one: May God bless her, she pulls off the abaya so well.
Girl two: i know, i wished i was one quater as fabulous as she.
Girl one: ahhh, we can only dream.
Girl two: *sigggggghhhhhh*
by snowblizzard February 09, 2011
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A gorgeous person who is trust worthy and loves life. They are beautiful and love nature they never want anything bad to happen to anyone. They are intelligent and at times shy but once you get to know them you will instantly fall in love. Once you've cracked their shell you will find them no where near shy but still amazingly cool.
"I wish I was an Aaminah"person #1
"Ya they're adorable"person #2
by lolastar123456 January 06, 2012
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A person who it take forever to become their friend but once you are their friend its the most special relationship this earth has to offer....losing a friendship like that would like be losing a part of yourself essential for survival
A friend like that... She's an Aaminah
by Vertsago August 07, 2018
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some one who loves anime and manga and also loves toni.
Choi-ha- "who is she?"

Samantha-" a aaminah."
by Toni~~ July 16, 2009
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