She is a understanding beautiful mysterious and sexy girl.She cus special and is an amazing friend once you get to know her. She also can make guys jaws lock when she walks past them. She can crack jokes and laugh with you. She has the Arabic name for a gift or blessing. So your basically blessed if you got a Aala in your life.
Man is that Aala she making my jack lock

Aala got the cake and everything
by average loyal hoe December 25, 2016
Alaa is usually a girl's Arabic name , it means a blessing . Alaa is usually a beautiful person especially her soul . She's so pure and caring , she'd sacrifice anything for her friends . She's so magnificant and rare because such a personality isn't present nowadays . So , if you know an Alaa , you're lucky . Keep her and know how forunate you're to have such a person in your life!
She's so kind , her name should have been Aalae
by November 21, 2021
An aala is when a male penis gets wet
Dude you're aala right now
by Dickbagjoe April 29, 2016
Shahum Loves Aala and Aala Loves Shahum. Match made in Heaven<3 May god bless them both! Together forever
Shahum loves Aala<3 They both love each other the most.
by the couple. November 27, 2021
Shahum loves Aala. And Aala loves Shahum. Perfect couple .
They love each other most! <3 Shahum Loves Aala
by the couple. November 27, 2021