Means 'Heart' in Georgian
mec guli=my heart(used romantically).
by Kopiko December 2, 2008
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Gulied is cute, charming and handsome. He is adored and loved by many people. The name Gulied is one of the best Somali names ever it means Good news and glad tidings. Gulied is usually very tall, and he is of a lovely brown colour with thick black hair. Gulied is popular amongst many people and he loves to sing to make others happy. He brings warmth and joy by just being there.

I am in love with Gulied and I will always will be.
Gulied is the most beautiful person I have ever known both inside and out.
by Unknowngirl19 December 19, 2013
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Fuck ugly lesbians that go to obese camp together. Often referred to as fat lesbians. Usually found on lesbian chat rooms and chatroulette trying to find some other girls (pussy)
'Shit, i just brushed passed that gulie"..... "SANITIZE YOUR HANDS!!!"

'mind you dont get sucked into that gulie's fat'

'Holy Shit, i just saw a gulie walking out of obese camp'

'Well, you turn left at the traffic lights, continue down that street, and... Oh God, avoid that gulie over there...'
by gulie-busters April 6, 2010
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some kid, "ugly" spelled wrong
you spelled "ugly" like "guly"
you're a guly
by 69personell69 September 28, 2017
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Someone who’s very pretty
by Ben68913 October 17, 2019
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me: “hey you’re supa cute

brock: “i’m guly but you are”
by chelsea lehman June 30, 2020
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