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Axe, or Lynx, is a Unilever-owned brand of men's deodorant, body spray. Popular with teens and desperate adult men who don't have the sense and/or money to buy a quality cologne.
AXE Body spray is complete fecal matter! This vile substance makes me literally physically ill! My room mate sprays on 1/4 of a can every time he uses it. I don't know whats in this "stuff," but I spend the rest of the night with an upset stomach and a headache. Ive told him repeatedly that any woman of class and substance would appreciate a fine cologne. I wish more females would speak up about their dislike of this body spray. It might convince more guys that they smell like vomit while wearing it! Wake up guys! their commercials are a marketing lie! Do you want to convince a female that your worth while? Try a $40 or more cologne, shower, and brushing your grimy teeth and tongue.
by Serious Advice February 19, 2007
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a body spray equivalent to a shower.
Oh my god, I don't have time to take a shower! Let me use this bottle of axe body spray to make up for it!
by MalcolmReznor January 28, 2011
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