A movie (usually based on a kids show on Nickeloden) that isn't good enough to be in the Movie Theater and debuts on television.
Nickeloden Producer #1: I'm bored!

Nickeloden Producer #2: Hey, I know. Lets make a TV Movie of (enter crappy television show) and make a quick buck.

Nickeloden Producer #1: Sweet, kids watch will anything!

Producers Laugh
by Sir Master K May 31, 2006
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Watch Full HD Movies & TV Shows is a niche meme/reference, used as a non sequitur joke/punchline. It originated on the Facebook page for Certified Kinobot, a bot that generates screencaps of movies and TV shows when given a specific command line by users, amongst a number of other features. The first known instance of Watch Full HD Movies & TV Shows was tied to a requested frame from Avengers Endgame (2019), specifically frame #2331. Because the bot was using a torrented copy to generate the frame, this resulted in Steve Rogers (Captain America) appearing to say the phrase "Watch Full HD Movies & TV Shows" after his "No I Don't Think I Will" line. This is because the embedded captions for the film were altered by the torrent uploader for advertising their torrent website.

After this first frame was requested and posted on Facebook, many reacted to it with a mixture of amusement and bewilderment. Soon after, users began using the bot's "swap" feature to insert the "Full HD Movies" quote into frames from other films. Several examples include the phrase being switched with "How would you like some ice cream, doc" in The Shining, and "you will not laugh, you will not cry" in Full Metal Jacket. Over several years, the joke became more and more frequently used and referenced in the comments on Kinobot posts, with Facebook users re-arranging the requested movie quotes to incorporate the "Full HD Movies" line.
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Watch Full HD Movies & TV Shows
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