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Southern Californian, L.A. Basin-area. Derived from the common exclamation,"That's awesome!" The origination of "AUSS!" was usage in emails to avoid overusing "awesome" which has become commonplace in American English to describe people,events,achievements and so forth. Proponents describe "AUSS!" as, "As best of replacement for the beloved AWESOME! as we could come up with. We love "AWESOME!", but every skatepunk, housewife, contractor, teacher and kid uses it. It's tired and needs a rest already."
It's best usage is in an email reply in all upper caps and with an explanation by itself. As an example,if someone proposes seeing the latest cool movie you can reply with the single,"AUSS!" Levels of excitement maybe expressed with additional exclamation points.

Level 1="AUSS!"
Level 2= "AUSS!!"
Level 3 to infinity= "AUSS!!!!!!!!!!!!..."
Usually seen as just ,"AUSS!" Other usages in sentences are: "That movie was AUSS!", Sheena Easton was AUSS!!!, You won the lottery??? AUSS!!!!!!
by Cocoablini August 04, 2010
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a nickname pertaining to someone who is extremely cool and perverted. this person loves to talk about sex and is extremely horny.

usually pertains to someone named sydney being that an aussie is from australia.
yoo syd, your such an auss.
by baxterrr123 January 04, 2010
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