"I'll SYD for some extra credit."
by lonnie! October 10, 2008
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my bestest friend in the whoooole wiiide woooooorrllldd!!!! she rox ur pink sox and ur pinki
"yo dude its syd!"
"ya i know dude yo."
"that one girl who loves jt?"
"ya diggey yo bo"
by Paige January 10, 2005
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pulling a syd, to be a scrawny little boxer with the heart of a true fighter.
to be a syd means to be able to mouth and insult many many other people to improve rep.
when you go into battle as a syd you need to bring lots of friend for moral support, and incase others turn on you.
pleging to be a syd requires you to take the highest level of initiation and get a mohawk.
hipster kid: woah i saw what you did to that smaller child, what happened.

unknown kid: yeah i know right. he used FB so me and my friends pulled a syd. that showed him
by i play for fee July 10, 2012
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the most amazing awesome girl in the world. she’s cares about eveyone and puts her friends before herself. she puts all her time into making her bffs happy. she’s absolutely gorgeous and has the prettiest eyes. she has perfect hair and body although the sometimes doesn’t realize it herself. eveyone is jealous of her because she is drop dead gorgeous. she is all around an amazing individual and losing her is probably the worst thing. don’t ever lose ur bff syd or else u will be emo forever. she cares so much bout eveyone. love ur syds.
hey i want to be bffs with syd
by geymom September 30, 2019
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“omg have you seen that girl! shes so hot!”
“thats syd, they arent a girl they are non binary and super gay.”
“i-i-i-im so sorry senpai 😰😰🥺🥺”
by https.yourmum.com November 28, 2021
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