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A substitute for ALL. Used mostly when referring to a friend whose name is Paul. Basically, Instead of yelling PAUL really loud, YOU'D ESSENTIALLY JUST SHOUT ALLLLLLL.

it's also fun to point out the use of AUL swap in verbose interaction
by Charles McCarthy May 09, 2005
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Irish slang used in basically all of Ireland. Aul means old but its just with an Irish accent put on and the Irish sometimes tend to write things the way they say them. Examples of this include shlurp, shtop, shkyboy.
โ€˜I told my Aul one to fuck offโ€™
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by Viper Higgins May 13, 2018
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A mountain village in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan but usually applied to the first two locations.
An aul in Daghestan is a very eerie place. The houses are usually constructed so that their backs form a sort of step to the next row of houses and continue in this way until one reaches the top of the hill or cliff. The roofs form pathways to the neighbors' houses too. The overall effect is that of a sort of pyramidlike shape. The ancient stone towers, old masjids, bazaars, and the strange languages add to the eerieness.
by pentozali August 20, 2012
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Pronounced "Owl."
Absolute Unit of a Lad.
Oh man, this guy's been crushing all week long. He's an AUL.
by The_AUL October 16, 2018
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