A five-piece pop punk band from Poughkeepsie, New York since 2003. They are signed to Broken English Records. Their members are Jason Maffucci, Dan Simons, Steve Miller, Alex Haycraft, and Andrew Meunier. Just Surrender is probably one of the most under-rated bands out there. Maffucci and Simon's vocals are extremely catchy. They have self-released two albums. If These Streets Could Talk and We're In Like Sin were released by Broken English.
Just Surrender is the shit.
by storiedeye March 11, 2008
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Signed with Razor and Tie Records. Labelmates with The Summer Set. One of the best bands in the whole entire world. Composed of Jason Maffucci, Dan Simons, Steve Miller, Kyle Shellhammer, and Jolly Ubriaco. A rock band. New album coming out soon called Phoenix. Had albums such as We're in Like Sin and If These Streets Could Talk. Great live. Great singers and great performers. Really talented. So much emotion put into each and every song.
Person 1: What is that you're listening to? Sounds REALLY good.
Person 2: Oh, Just Surrender...
Person 1: WOW! Let me listen!
by AlliSIGH April 20, 2010
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