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Any Time Any Place. Could apply to any activity, but the A and Tap do make this the perfect phrase when referring to when and where one would tap another's ass.
Dude, did you see that chick? ATAP man, ATAP!

by shine crazy diamond August 15, 2008
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A secretive organization that can be found anywhere, anytime. It is a never ending mystery what ATAP stands for or what the organization actually does. But even so, they are here and they are watching. They know people too. Don't look for them, don't try to contact them, and especially don't question them. Don't mess with the ATAP, they will mess you up. Seriously...
Kefork: What's ATAP?
Armando(ATAP member): Are you questioning me?!
Kefork: Okay,okay... I jus-
Armando(ATAP member): Oh, so you are questioning me?! Yeah, you better shut your mouth before I punch your face in! MUTHAFUCKA! That's right Kefork-a-dork.
by A.T.A.P. February 27, 2009
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