The term which best describes the financial disaster one faces when their adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) increases to the maximum rate.....
When Paul bought his first home he opted for an ARM.
However,when his rate skyrocketed as a result of the economic crisis he faced ARMageddon.
by sheila in the car July 20, 2011
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"Ahhhh Armageddon is here!!"
by kim December 16, 2003
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What George Bush is praying for.
You're either with us or against us
by hi i'm alphahooker November 23, 2004
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The time when the Great Cosmic Muffin comes down from his heavenly throne and gobbles up the universe because It has The Munchies.
Also see Death
Hey look, a gigantic baked good is coming to eat the universe. Cripes!
by Doomeyes October 21, 2003
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A fight between God and Devil. Usually occurs at the end of the world.
I hope god wins, of course.
It will happen in year 5050. (check out my definition for 2012.)
God: I will win and recreate the earth!
People of the earth: The Armageddon is happening! YAY!
Satan: You will never defeat me!
*Satan is defeated*
God: HAHA! I can recreate the earth!
People of the earth: wait! we need air! *die*
God: *recreates earth*
LOL! Was that awesome?
by u2dvdbono August 19, 2010
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1. The theory of the apocalypse.
2. A crappy movie
1. Those people at the Bapti-Dome are ready for Armageddon!
2. Armageddon suck ass!
by TheRubberDucky October 13, 2003
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