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the desperate scramble at the end of the night to find some booty to hookup with; mostly refers to men

coined by Dave Chappelle on The Chappelle Show segment Great Moments in Hookup History
Hup...an hour til closing time. I do NOT wanna be here when the mad dash starts up.
by KiM_NJ May 02, 2006

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4. n. a data-written CD-R or CD-RW disc; referring to a burned CD
person 1: Hey, I heard that band you like re-released an old LP.
person 2: Yeah, I bought it but I'm not touching it 'til my burn warps.

Person 1: Have you seen my burn of AR's Maxwell show?
Person 2: Naw, but I got the Times Square and a Knitting Factory boot if you want me to burn'em for you.

Person 1: Where's that Joe's Pub burn? They want that poster printed by 4 pm.
by KiM_NJ April 29, 2006

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plastic cash - Any type of "plastic currency" - debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, all that type of stuff that is endowed with monetary value for specific or general use somewhere.
Person 1: Well, this blows ironic. I got like, $50 on my Best Buy plasticash.
Person 2: ...and the problem is?
Perosn 1: I only have $1.47 IRL for lunch!
by KiM_NJ May 28, 2006

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short for Central Park in New York City (Manhattan)
I'm going ridin' in The Park on Sunday. Wanna come?
Sure I've been meaning to see The Gates anyway

Springsteen's gonna play The Park this summer.

What part of The Park is Strawberry Fields again?
Near The Dakota, duh?

She lives on the Upper East SIde. Lofty-- 4 blocks in from The Park too.

by KiM_NJ April 30, 2006

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short for Joe's Public aka The Public Theater in NYC
Named after founder Joe Papp, this has become an all encompassing nickname for The Public Theater (a world renowned American theater known as a platform for art of all genres and audiences; and being one of the oldest esteemed avant-garde theaters in NYC

"Joe's Pub at The Public Theater debuted in October 1998 and quickly became one of New York City's most celebrated and in-demand showcase venues for live music and performance. With its genre-blind booking and vast diversity of interests, the stage at Joe's Pub gives voice to a world of varied and stellar artists." joespub.com

"Founded by Joseph Papp as the Shakespeare Workshop and now one of the nation’s preeminent cultural institutions, The Public is an American theater in which all the country’s voices, rhythms, and cultures converge....The Public Theater produces new plays, musicals, productions of Shakespeare, and other classics in its headquarters on Lafayette Street (the former Astor library, which opened as The Public Theater in 1967 with the world premiere of the musical Hair) and at the Delacorte Theater, its permanent summertime home of free Shakespeare in Central Park. The Public's newest performance space, Joe's Pub, has become an important venue for new work and intimate performances by musicians, spoken-word artists, and solo performers."
1: My prof wants me to see Mother Courage for class.
2 : Yeah, I heard Meryl Streep's in that. Where again?
1: Joe's Pub. Y'know, they put on Shakes in The Park every year.
2: Oh yeah yeah, The Public. I saw Bring in Da Noise Bring In Da Funk there. Their posters are so cool. I think they're done by Paula Scher or something.
by KiM_NJ April 30, 2006

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when something doesn't just suck, but sucks in the most ironic way. Like calling someone out for doing something stupid --like busting there ass in the middle of the street cus they're on the cell, but then you being caught on the same stupidness

see also KARMA
Person 1: Can you believe this? I got 5 bucks in my checking, but 50 in plasticash.
Person 2: ...and?
Person 1: I can only use it at Best Buy!
Person 2: *snickers* Well doesn't that blow ironic.
by KiM_NJ May 28, 2006

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Antigone Rising
An amazingly talented all-female NYC area rock band started in 1996 gaining recent fame for being the first new artist realeased on Starbuck's Hear Music Series.
wiki: Antigone Rising
person 1: Hey you check out AR's show last weekend?
person 2: YEAH! I LOVES me some AR!
perosn 2: Each one of them is 10 kinds of hot ;P

by KiM_NJ April 30, 2006

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